Free Stuff: Philippine Stock Exchange’s (PSE) Stock Market 101 Webinar

Want to learn how to invest in the stock market? This may be your best chance to learn it for free. You’ll also learn from “The Source” – the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) itself without going there personally (parking there during office hours sucks big time).


PSE Stock Market 101 Webinar
Is it just me or does the poster have too many icons? If you want to join the PSE Stock Market 101 Webinar, register at


Do I think this webinar is worth joining?

Yes, most definitely! It’s free. Let me write that again. IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE. Many other stock market seminars I know charge fees or rope you into signing up for a mutual fund or a brokerage account at the end. This is not of those seminars.

Also, PSE is undoubtedly the best source to learn about investing in the Philippine stock market since it is “THE” Philippine stock market. That’s like Apple Inc. teaching you how to use an iPhone.

Since it is a webinar, you don’t have to dress up, drive to PSE and find parking (probably the hardest part). All you have to do is free up your schedule, find a quiet place, connect to the webinar, and learn away.


Are there any downsides? Of course. Here they are:

Webinars tend to be boring. To be fair, in-person seminars are boring to begin with anyway. At least in a webinar it is easier to “walk out” without crouching all the way to the door.

Another downside is you have to deal with “Filipino-style” internet connection. This is live video intensive stuff we’re talking about here so reliable and fast web connection is necessary. Unfortunately, according to this report (read here), the Philippines has the second slowest internet connection in Asia (we managed to beat war ravaged Afghanistan – woohoo! – but not by much). Data charges here will also cost you, since the Philippines has one of the most expensive internet rates (per Mbps) in the world.

The most significant downside? The PSE webinar can only accomodate 500 participants. Even if you are registered, but 500 people have already logged in to the webinar ahead of you, you’ll find yourself instantly having 1 1/2  hours of “me” time, so it is best to have a backup thing to do.


Anyway, I just registered.

I'm Registered for the PSE Webinar
I’m registered for the PSE Webinar but sadly I have a Smart Bro 3G/4G Internet plan. Do I stand a chance? Image from gotowebinar


*The CST in the image stands for China Standard Time and not Central Standard time (which are both abbreviated CST). China ST and Philippine time are the same.


I already got my Certified Securities Specialist (CSS) title from PSE years ago so I am probably not the target for these webinars. I’ll participate anyway to see what’s up. If I get in the webinar – I have sucky internet so I won’t get my hopes up – I’ll post a review.

If you’ll miss this. There’s always the real life face to face seminar to fall back on.


stock market 101 seminar
Stock Market 101 live at the PSE. Every 2nd and Last Tuesday of the month. Image from PSE facebook page.


But I already warned you about parking, right?





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2 thoughts on “Free Stuff: Philippine Stock Exchange’s (PSE) Stock Market 101 Webinar”

  1. Good that PSE is promoting stock market investing here. A very small percentage of Filipinos trade in the stock market.


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