Why Konsulta MD Seems Like a Terribly Bad Idea

Globe Telecom, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Yondu, has formed a joint venture with Salud Interactiva to launch KonsultaMD – a 24/7 health hotline service manned by skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who provide medical assessment and advice, including basic healthcare and permissible medication over the phone. – from press release at Globe website here

Konsulta MD logo
There’s a new doctor in town! Konsulta MD logo. Image from konsulta.md


“KonsultaMD is our response to the pain points in Philippine healthcare. The growing population puts further pressure to an already-strained healthcare landscape which is suffering from lack of experienced healthcare professionals, under-resourced public hospitals, poor health infrastructure and limited accessibility”  said Gil B. Genio, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Business and International Markets.

Though coming from good intentions, Konsulta MD seems to be a terribly bad idea. Here are the reasons why:

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