Chinese New Year: Investment and Money Tips for The Year of The Goat

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Today, February 19 is the start of the Year of the Wooden Goat / Sheep / Ram according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. In this post, I will list some investment and money tips from experts in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.


2015 Year of the Goat
Goats and sheep are totally different creatures, but that’s not important, right? Image from fengshuiben.blogspot


I searched online for feng shui experts, those who are usually hired to advice business executives and financial professionals on money matters. Here they are and what they had to say. 

Expert no. 1 : Raymond Lo

According to his bio here, Mr. Lo is one of the most sought after feng shui and Destiny consultants in the world. He is only one of five people – alive – to earn the title of Grand Master from the International Feng Shui association.

Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo
Fun Fact: Chess and Feng Shui are two industries that have Grandmasters. Image from


This is what Raymond Lo had to say about the Year of the Wood Goat / Sheep:

According to him, the Year of the Goat 2015 is symbolized by two elements – with Yin wood sitting on top of earth.

The Industries with Good Prospects:

“The wood earth element of 2015 is expected to bring prosperity to wood industries and metal industries; this is because wood conquers earth, so the earth element is a symbol of money to the wood industry, which includes textile, environment, paper, magazines. The second best industries could be metal, as metal conquers wood, so wood is money to metal industry. Metal industries are hi tech, banking, machinery, cars, engineering. Fire industry is also positive as fire produces earth, so it will be an active year for fire elements such as stocks, finance, energy, power generating, oil.”

The Industries with Bad Prospects:

“The not so good industry is earth. Earth industries are construction, property, agriculture, chemical, insurance…, in a strong earth year, this industry will be very active, but competition is also very strong and the wood goat brings many competitors in the scene.”


Expert no. 2: Lillian Too

Lillian Too has an MBA from Harvard Business School and was the first woman in Asia to become CEO of a bank. She retired from the banking and corporate world at the age of 45 and has since become one of the world’s experts of business feng shui. Read more about her here.

Lillian Too Feng Shui Expert
She’s holding some sort of charm, seems legit! Image from


This is what Lillian Too had to say about the Year of the Wood Goat / Sheep:

According to her, this year is blessed with all five feng shui elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, so everyone will have the opportunity to make money, achieve success and attain their goals

Stock market:

“The middle of the year is the time to buy shares as the market is expected to rise by the end of the year. Though the first half of the year can be dangerous, the second half is very good. Prospects for making gains from short-term investments are high.”

Property/ Real estate :

“Go slow on property purchases in the first half of the year.”

Business Opportunities:

“The year should bring excellent business opportunities and the second half of the year is a good time to start business. The best business in the Year of the Wood Sheep is metal. This is the year of metal industry. Car, travel, air and electronic sectors are good,”


Expert no. 3: Dato’ Joey Yap

Dato’ Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is the founder of the Mastery Academy in Chinese Metaphysics. Read more about him here.

Joey Yap Feng Shui Expert
He just held a seminar in Manila this January. How did I miss that? Image from


This is what Joey Yap had to say about the Year of the Wood Goat / Sheep:

Industries with Bad Prospects:

“Although Fire is weak in 2015, water is also in very short supply this year. As such, the outlook seems unfavourable for water-based industries e.g. logistics, tourism, travel, aquatics, drinks, fisheries.”

How 2015 will be compared to 2014:

“2015 has elements of 2014 and whatever that transpired in 2014 will spillover to this year as well, such as increase of transportation and food prices. Many people are fearful this year. This indicates that the market and economic growth may experience a slowdown.”

Property/ Real Estate:

“We expect real estate to do rather well this year due to a strong earth element. Since the wood element is in control, it may not do exceptionally well. However, the combination of the Wood/earth factor indicates that it is a good time for buildings and projects to be launched.”


Key Takeaways from the three experts:

  • First half of the year bad, second half good
  • Wood and Metal Industries will do well. Water industries will do badly
  • Real Estate investments seem equivocal

So how does this all relate to me?

I work in healthcare, my mother just expanded her laundry business. Based on what I read, both have very strong water elements (I figured out the connection of  laundry and “water” quickly without researching by the way). How about blogging? Since it deals with creativity (that flows), writing also has a strong water element. Conclusion. I’m probably screwed this year.

But wait, blogging also has a strong wood element, since creativity is also symbolized by a tree with flowing branches. Also, before the era of the internet, people published their writings on paper (made of wood). Finance, an industry with strong fire and metal components, is expected to do this well this year.

Hmmm, seems like good fortune will await my website. I hope.



– Finance MD


*Information for this post were taken from Raymond Lo’s website (see here), Lillian Too’s The Edge Markets interview (see here, subscription required) and Dato’ Joe Yap’s Smart Investor (see copy here)

**Disclaimer: The advice given are for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional financial advice. The reader should do his/ her own due diligence prior to making investment decisions



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