Papal Visit Philippines 2015 Special: Economies of Catholic Countries

This is a post, part of a series, to commemorate the Papal visit to the Philippines on January 15-19 2015.


Which among the predominantly Catholic countries have the largest economies?

Nationmaster defines a Catholic country as one with at least 60% Catholic population.

Catholicism by Population Percentage. Original image by Starfunker226


How does your country stack up?

As a Filipino, I would like to know how the Philippines stacks up. 


France had the highest GDP among the predominantly Catholic countries.

The Top 20 economies (based on 2012 GDP) among predominantly Catholic countries. Image from


In this Top 20 list, Ireland had the highest GDP per capita income

In this Top 20 list, the Philippines had the lowest GDP per capita income. In fact among all the predominantly Catholic countries/ territories (NationMaster lists 42), the Philippines has the 6th worst GDP per capita, outranking only (from highest to lowest GDP per capita) East Timor, Cote d’ Ivoire, Haiti, Eritrea, Burundi.


For more data on Catholic countries. See



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