Papal Visit Philippines 2015 Special: Invest in the Pope and Earn Big Returns

This is a post, part of  a series, to commemorate the Pope’s visit to the Philippines on January 15-19, 2015.


Since this website is about investments, don’t you know that you can invest in the Pope and earn big returns. When I say returns, I am not talking about those of the spiritual nature (that would be too obvious), but financial ones. Do you know someone who had done it?

I did. Here’s how I earned by investing in the Pope.


Back when I was a teenager, my school held a quiz contest about the Pope. The winner would get a full year scholarship. Tuition fees in private schools cost a lot (even back in the day when adjusted for inflation), so the prize was really major.

Those interested in joining were given a list of references that detail the life of Pope John Paul II (he was the Pope back then), information about the various Popes, and the Papal traditions in general. Every bit of trivia in those references was a potential question. I invested in the Pope by reading those references for weeks and hoped that all the Pope related information stuck in my head.

I won the contest and got the full scholarship the next school year. Great returns for a few weeks of investment.





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