Will You Buy Property that Sits on a T – Junction?

I have been trying to buy some real estate. I have been offered a piece of lot at a very nice gated community, developed and managed by a very reputable community, and near good schools, business, shopping and recreation establishments. The lot is also much cheaper (on a per square meter basis) compared to other lots in the village. The title and other documents are all clean and in order.

The lot is almost perfect… except for one flaw. The lot faces a road. It sits on a t-junction/ t-intersection. If you were in my place, would you invest in this lot?

T intersection lot at Block 14 Lot 44
The property on Block 14 Lot 44, would you buy it? The number below is the area of the lot which is 346 square meters or 3724 square feet. Image from AlveoLand

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To a Sabbatical and Back

I disappeared from my blog for about two months. Before I left, I was posting almost everyday – which got less frequent as I was about to disappear. I got burned out with blogging. How did it come to that point?

Keep Calm and I'm On Sabbatical
Technically I’m still on a sabbatical, but I’m slowly emerging from it. Image from http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/

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