Will You Buy Property that Sits on a T – Junction?

I have been trying to buy some real estate. I have been offered a piece of lot at a very nice gated community, developed and managed by a very reputable community, and near good schools, business, shopping and recreation establishments. The lot is also much cheaper (on a per square meter basis) compared to other lots in the village. The title and other documents are all clean and in order.

The lot is almost perfect… except for one flaw. The lot faces a road. It sits on a t-junction/ t-intersection. If you were in my place, would you invest in this lot?

T intersection lot at Block 14 Lot 44
The property on Block 14 Lot 44, would you buy it? The number below is the area of the lot which is 346 square meters or 3724 square feet. Image from AlveoLand

There are disadvantages to a t-junction lot. The most obvious reason is that cars are more prone to hit your property. Headlights straight into your house will also be nuisances. But that is not why many buyers (specially from my country) stay away from these types of lots. They are believed to bring bad luck.

According to Feng Shui principles, a road brings lots of energy or “Chi”.  The property directly in front of the road will have lots of energy rushing towards it – the energy becomes a “poison arrow” that will negatively affect the energy of the property and its occupants. People living in these types of properties are believed to soon suffer from health losses, financial problems and other difficulties. Businesses in these types of lots are believed to soon suffer from losses and even bankruptcy.

However, the poison arrows depend on how busy and long the road is. In a residential area such as the lot offered to me, the negative energy should be less – But most buyers wouldn’t care about the status of the road, they would probably avoid any t-junction lot.

There are many other properties that are considered unlucky such as those at cul-de-sacs (at dead ends), near bodies of water, below road level, etc. However, they are never as infamous among the superstitious as the t-junction lots.

The supposedly bad omen of t-junction lots didn’t escape producers of the Asian horror genre – after all, it is in Asia where superstition against road hit lots are strongest. A movie about a t-junction property “Tumbok” was shown in 2011. “Tumbok” translates to “Road-Hit” when referring to properties. I didn’t see the movie nor do I plan to, but from the looks of the poster, there must be something sinister in that road hit house. These types of movies are not particularly encouraging to people who plan to invest or who have already invested in t-junction properties. I’m sure most investors don’t believe in monsters, but the negative perception surrounding t-junction properties might be enough to push them away.


Tumbok Movie Poster
Tumbok – a movie about a T-junction property. The tagline “Pag nagtagpo ang mga daan, wag manirahan dito” translates to “If the road meets, don’t live here.  Image from Viva Films.


Would you buy Block 14 Lot 44? If you’re an end user and not superstitious then you should have no problem with the lot. However, if you plan to dispose of the lot in the future, other people’s beliefs become your concerns.


– financemd



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Finance, M.D.

Finance, M.D. is a practicing physician who dabbles in finance and investment. He has passed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams, all in his first attempts. thefinancemd.com

4 thoughts on “Will You Buy Property that Sits on a T – Junction?”

  1. Buy it. There has to be ways to counter the negative chi, and to make it visually appealing. Maybe some nicely placed boulders, a stream and trees to divert both cars and the flow.


    1. I didn’t buy it. I don’t want to deal with the hassles of countering the negative energies instead of focusing on the design. I found other and much better lots though. I’ll post about them soon.


  2. Is the road going to the property flat, upward or downward? If it is downward, it is more unlucky and more dangerous also.


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