What’s Your Say on This? – Is Superbrands Philippines Credible?

One of the hospitals I work for proudly displayed the Superbrands seal in its posters when it was awarded one years ago so I assumed then that this award was totally legit and prestigious.

Fast forward to 2015 and here are the awardees:


Superbrands 1st certificate awardees 2015
As a Filipino consumer – do I think these brands represent the cream of the crop of Philippine brands? Short answer – NO. Long answer – Not even close. Image from One Lightning Corporation Products Facebook page


One of the brands awarded above was the subject of three advisories (cease and desist orders for alleged investment related “modus operandi”) from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Philippines.

The three advisories were issued against that brand in February, March and April 2015. Superbrands handed out its awards May 2015 (see image above). Wow! How did that happen?

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(Re)Born This Way: The Importance of Brand Reinvention

The image of a product, company, organization or individual might get tarnished, outdated, or irrelevant. This is when brand reinvention becomes necessary. When Lady Gaga received a standing ovation from Hollywood A Listers after she sang “The Sound of Music” medley at the Academy Awards, many observers saw that as the culmination of her reinvention.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga “Sound of Music” tribute at the 87th Academy Awards. Gif by micdotcom of Tumblr from the Oscar telecast


When a brand loses a significant part of its relevance, fan base, or income – just like what Lady Gaga experienced in recent years – reinvention becomes necessary.  Continue reading (Re)Born This Way: The Importance of Brand Reinvention